Things people say to budget travellers…


I’m all about budget travel- I’m not sure what I’d do with a luxury hotel… though I’m about to find out this weekend! 😉
Due to my past life as a model, some people have assumed I’m rolling in cash. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My savings went on buying my boat/home- my aim right now is to get some savings again! So there you go. In case you’re wondering, that’s why I travel on next to nothing… though I’m still not sure what I’d do with a five star hotel and a rolex. 😛
I’m experimenting with video blogs so this is my first one. Five things people say to budget travellers… and shouldn’t! (I take some pictures of myself that I really like…… so why do video previews always make me look like I belong in Wallace and Gromit??!)

How did I do?? 😀

I asked other adventure-y budget-y travel-ly types what people say to them and here are a few of the best:

– “Aren’t you scared?”
harry potter draco meme scared you wish
– “A hostel/couchsurf/airbnb??! Are you mad!?”
– “You really shouldn’t hitchhike…” Bonus points if said by a hitch hiker or lift.
– “Does your boyfriend/family mind?”
– “Travelling’s temporary, you know…”

A lot of comments I didn’t include were about hypothetical boyfriends and the differences with solo travel for a woman. I’m going to do a proper blog about solo female travel one day soon, which is why they aren’t on the above list.

I’m packing for the aforementioned swanky hotel trip so expect another video blog soon(ish). When I’m feeling brave…
For now I wonder if you can guess where I’m going!
Clue #1: I’m visiting some sculptures…
Clue #2: One of which is famous and features a mirror…
Clue #3: … and is dedicated to a moonlighting vicar.


p.s. Here’s the rundown of what I’m wearing:
Jewellery: Necklace by Rad Roach Gear, Earrings by Claire’s Accessories and customised by me
Tops: Primark
Belts: Charity shop
Make-up: Eyeshadow- The Body Shop shimmer cubes, black Barry M dazzle dust. Lipstick by Sleek.

faith roswell wearing postapocalyptic mad max style leather belts and harnesses at home on a boat

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  1. Cheryl Howard

    People say the weirdest things, especially when it comes to females travelling on their own. I’ve had men tell me to go home, get married, and have babies and stop travelling all together. When I told a friend I stayed at a hostel this past December, he said “But you have a good job. Why would you do that?” Because it’s fun and I want to meet new people? Ugh!

    1. Post

      WHAAAAAAAT????!!!! Ooh, this makes me so mad… and you’ve just inspired a new video. ;P Don’t listen to them- we rock just as we are!
      I’m going back to Germany in August and there’s no way in hell I’m staying in a hotel over a hostel.

      F x

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