About me

I guess you could say I’m a professional adventurer! I’m a writer, blogger, presenter, performer and very occasional model.

While studying for a Creative Writing degree, a chance encounter saw me working as a freelance model- a career that lasted for over a decade. I began writing about my experiences travelling solo around the world and gave up my home in 2012 to live as a nomad for two years. This would have been wonderful but for the enormous modelling outfits-filled ‘suitcase of doom’ attached to my hand… so I impulse-bought a narrowboat and now live on that boat just outside London, though I’m rarely there for longer than a week at a time.

As I started getting attention for my personal style, I set up an ‘anti-fashion’ website which I made part of Life Out There as the ‘my style’ page. I’ve brought my armour and boots to festivals and themed events for years and appeared at California’s Wasteland Weekend for the first time in September 2016

I regularly publish articles in magazines worldwide, have written three novels and steampunk series “The Ellison Clare Mysteries”, and am about to begin filming my second documentary.

You can book me for writing and presenting work by getting in touch through my contacts page!