About me

Heya! I’m Faith. I’m a writer, blogger, presenter, public speaker, very occasional model, Wasteland Warrior, and yes those boots are heavy. 😉

I’ve had an action-packed life:
After the cruel and unusual punishment known as high school, a chance meeting with a talent scout meant I accidentally became a professional model for over a decade. While having my picture taken for a living I learned to travel the world solo, discovered urban exploring, had my tubes tied, became voluntarily homeless, gained a truckload of confidence, helped put a rapist in jail and impulse-bought a canal boat to live on (not quite in that order).
When I started this blog to share my real adventures away from the not-always-glamourous modelling industry, I realised I had become the living videogame character I had always wanted to be…

Now, I want to do more; I want to inspire other people. I want you to feel strong, independent, powerful and confident while living adventurously!

I blog about amazing places and how to visit them yourself, how to start building your badass factor, what life is like on a canal boat, how to travel alone, and even ways to heal a broken heart with adventure. I blog about strength, bullying, modelling, empowerment, fighting monsters, feminism, solo travel, overcoming the odds, self-confidence, exploring the world and anything else that inspires me.
I also take requests! 

When I’m not blogging or on the road, I write for Atlas Obscura and other awesome magazines worldwide, work on my steampunk series “The Ellison Clare Mysteries”, and attend postapocalyptic themed events worldwide. (Hey, embrace the end-of-days). 😀

If you’d like to work with me, or have a question or blog request,send me a message via the contacts page.

Thanks for reading!

Faith x