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I spent a day bouncing around on armoured cars from Attitude Autos, with photographer Richard Wakefield– and now I get to show you TWO new Wasteland Warriors outfits!


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I’d been arranging a photoshoot with Richard for ages and I’d been working on two new outfits to debut with the Wasteland Warriors. We were planning to shoot in last blog’s quarry but as you’ll know, we missed our chance and Attitude Autos stepped in to save the day. It was my second shoot at the warehouse (the first being with the awesome Slothworker) and it was, again, so much fun!

When it comes to my outfits, I get an idea and roll with that. I’d wanted to do a military-style one for a while- I love the colours and the functionality of military things (weirdly similar to my love of Polly Pockets as a child- I never cared about the dolls, I just loved all the hidden compartments and secrets!) As I do a hell of a lot of urban exploring, I need to carry my valuables close to me so I’m not held back by a bag tripping me up. The pockets and straps on military outfits suit that perfectly!

Anyone who knows me can confirm that while I am a tough-ass, I’m also a happy goofball and wanted an outfit I could show that with. Enter Tank Girl inspiration! Tank Girl will kick your ass and go to a crazy party later, will swap terrible jokes, and would probably do stupid things with petrol pumps. πŸ˜€ I have an outtake at the bottom of this post but here’s my ‘manic mechanic’ moment.

I had an amazing hat (given to me by Slothworker!) to customise, and that formed the starting point to the outfit, even though I didn’t wear it much in the shoot. I have plans for the sides of it- I’m just waiting for some embellishments to be created for me. This is it so far though…

The car is the Battle Bug- I really want to work on my own car one day and love seeing the way Attitude Autos take their creations apart and create a whole new machine. Almost all the cars are UK road-worthy, which means they often need to be adapted along different lines to the ones in the US. This is the whole car, for the petrolheads out there. Help, I fell out! πŸ˜›

Helmet: From the air force
Boots: New Rocks
Skull brooch: Bartered at Wasteland Weekend
Everything else: Made by me

This was my second outfit’s second shoot but the locations and photography styles are very different. I love the base I have made but I actually feel the piece itself needs some extra work. I want to make more of the lower half as I have big thighs that need to be separated- chafing is utterly miserable! I also want to embellish the jacket a bit more but I have so many options I end up paralysed with indecision!

Of course this outfit was heavily inspired by Mad Max: The Road Warrior. I originally wanted it all to look as though I’d been caught in a blast- half of the outfit completely gone so I’d be virtually nude while the other side would be covered in the leather half-jacket but while it would work for photoshoots, it simply isn’t practical and I like to actually wear my outfits! (Though if anybody fancies making a black/transparent latex half-cyborg outfit, I am listening…
Boots: New Rock
Everything else: Made by me
Bones: Found in nature

The car behind me is the Rustang. It’s a rusty Mustang and I had “Mustang Sally” in my head the ENTIRE time. Good thing I like the song!
The great thing about mechanic workshops is there’s always some kind of massive metal thing you can swing around in a menacing way. I was a little concerned about wielding it as it really is heavy and the last thing I wanted was to break something- I’m notoriously clumsy- it’s a legitimate concern! Everything survived. πŸ˜‰

I fell in love with the sci-fi-esque door to the garage and so we changed the colour scheme and shot our last few pictures in front of them.

I was at the mercy of buses and Richard has to set off but we did get a good few silly shots behind the scenes too- yay!
Richard was so excited about the cars and testing the camera that he couldn’t resist taking a few selfies! (Of course his selfies are not just any selfies… ;P)

I’m taking one of the outfits to……. Fantasy Basel! I haven’t been to Switzerland in a while and I am SO excited to see my Wasteland Warriors again- though it will be strange without my claws. πŸ˜‰ It’s still unusual for me to travel with a team- I usually travel solo and so that is what my next blog will be about- a huge guide to solo travel.
Is there anything you would like to know? Any questions you want me to answer?

Speak next week! (Unless you are on my Instagram/Facebook in which case we’ll speak soon.)

Faith xx

p.s. have some outtakes! πŸ˜‰
Go team!

Rock and roll!!!

Let’s blow this joint. ;P

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