The Quarry That Got Away


I’ve been doing a lot of work with Attitude Autos; makers of customised and postapocalyptic cars. (If you follow my Instagram, you probably already know this.) We filmed Road To Ruin at an airfield with an abandoned house on it and I recently did two photoshoots at the Attitude Autos workshop- accompanied by awesome cars. Pictures are coming… 😉
The planned location for all three things had been a semi-abandoned quarry but the main building was very quickly demolished shortly before the shooting dates. Though we never got the chance to shoot there, I did get some cool shots of the interior when I went to check things out with the filming team…



I LOVE the hole there- it looks like part of a science fiction film and something’s come bursting out! 😉

I feel I’ve been quite lucky; there are some places in the world that I had the chance to explore shortly before they were torn down- sometimes within months. Chateau Miranda is one, and Tacheles in Berlin is another. You can read about Chateau Miranda here but I never blogged about Tacheles- my camera skills were not good enough at the time and anyway, photography was not allowed inside. It was a former department store that became a Nazi prison and was then taken over by artists. The Wikipedia page is here. I visited it just a year before it was demolished and last year when I visited Berlin with a friend, I came across it by accident. It is nearly unrecognisable- I knew I had been there but thought it was a nightclub I had once done a fashion show in. When I looked up to see the sign, I got a horrible shock. 🙁

Do you have a ‘place that got away’? Somewhere you’d always wanted to visit but never had the chance before it closed?


While I never did a photoshoot in the Kittypocalypse (the Hello Kitty themed postapocalyptic car that is probably one of Attitude Autos’s best known creations) as pink doesn’t seem to fit my outfits ( 😉 ) I did get to take some silly self portraits with it before it too was taken apart in order to ‘evolve’ and become an even meaner machine!

I got to pose with two of the cars in the workshop but I’m waiting for the sets before I blog about it. There’s a picture on my Instagram but here are a couple of outfit teasers and one Tank-Girl-esque ‘back of the camera’ picture. I’m very excited to debut this outfit in Switzerland at a major event next month! <3

I’m on the lookout for adventuring spots so as always, give me a shout with any tip-offs you may have…

Faith x

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