The Hideout.


I did an urbex postapocalyptic shoot earlier this month, with photographer Slothworker, who I’ve been talking about shooting with for… I’m going to go with years!? I got to debut my next Wasteland Warriors outfit- yay!
Sneak peek!

We’d originally planned out a quarry for our major location but as it was pretty much demolished overnight we needed a Plan B. Enter John of Attitude Autos, who not only makes custom Mad Max cars but also knew the local area enough to give us a tip-off….

This could be the set of the Ring(!) It’s an abandoned pumping station/water doodah, and we had a little trouble finding the place- the undergrowth hid it very well indeed! When I shot Road To Ruin, I gave the abandoned building that was my character’s home about a 3/10 for actual end-of-days protection. This place scores a solid 7/10. Well-hidden, with several exits and excellent shelter from the elements. Next to a farmer’s field so we know crops could be grown there- and we even got up on the roof!
After an hour or so exploring (and photographing the stalactites forming on the ceiling), we headed back to the workshop for pictures with the infamous Rustang (a rusty Mustang for those of you who do not know). Photoshoot pictures are of course coming soon but for now, check out these!


I can’t wait to start exploring again now that the weather is getting warmer! Where should I go first? I’m looking at places in the UK at the moment…

Happy exploring and wish me luck- I’m moving my boat this weekend! 😉

Faith x

p.s. we had strong suspicions that a vampire may have met their end here…

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  1. christhegoth


    I see you are moving. I hope you keep the boat as a writer’s retreat for the warmer months; as that will no-doubt help with creativity.

    Nice make-up 🙂

    1. Post

      I’m still living on a boat- I just moved her, haha! Very hard to say “moving house” with a boat. 😛

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