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This is me entering the ring for my first cagefight for the Wasteland Warriors. My character ‘Deathhawk’ is minus the trademark bone headpiece and claws here as we don’t actually want to hurt each other…. or break my claws ;P

It’s International Women’s Day so I’m sharing some amazing women all over my various pages.
– I’ll be updating my Instagram story with some real people I know and respect so if you aren’t following me on there, definitely go and have a look.
I have a board on Pinterest for a mixture of characters and real people which I am adding to regularly as well. For if, like me, you get sucked into the Pinterest black hole. ;P

On here though, I’m going to write about characters as I’d love to hear your favourites too. These are my current Top Ten, with no particular order:
Yes I know some of them are many characters in one entry. So what. 😛

1) Inara Serra and the Firefly women.
If you haven’t seen Firefly, shame on you. It rocks. Every woman in the series is a total badass in a very different way- whether a warrior, prodigy, con artist or any other kind of awesome. As a former model, I particularly identify with Inara. She’s a courtesan living on a spaceship, with an interesting set of skills we never got the chance to explore as the series was not renewed. She spends a lot of the time arranging work on her computer (sounds familiar) and as well as being a businesswoman, has to continually contend with disrespect due to her job. She was kickass without necessarily wielding a gun or having hand-to-hand combat skills.
She’s on the right and the actress also plays Deadpool’s girlfriend.

2) Althea Vestrit (The Liveship Traders, by Robin Hobb)
Robin Hobb is female and writes some fantastic women, understanding that not all women need to be physical warriors in order to kick ass and demonstrate strength. Althea is a captain’s daughter who finds her inheritance (the ship) has been given to her pathetic sister, dresses as a dude and goes on a quest to bring her back. Oh, and the ship is alive. And there are dragons and sea serpents.
I live on a boat and have a thing about sea monsters so the whole series screamed at me. Althea also shares many of my least charming faults (stubborn, impulsive and fighty.) That’s another great thing- Robin Hobb’s characters are far from perfect, making them considerably more real. 🙂
I can’t find a good picture of how I imagine Althea to look but here are the covers by one of my favourite artists, John Howe.

3) Ellen Ripley (Alien)
I make no apologies for the fact that these are all characters from sci-fi and fantasy. They seem to be some of the only genres that have strong women in abundance. Ripley, surely was one of the first well-known and iconic characters out there. And she isn’t forever wearing improbable armour. 😉 When I was about 10, my mum introduced me to the famous sci-fi films around and though it actually took me some time to become the armour wearing freak I am now, some kind of seed must have been planted back then.


4) Sarah Connor (Terminator)
Who would win in a fight between Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley? I’ve never quite decided. 😉 She’s another woman I was introduced to at a young age and I loved her story- moving around the country, connecting with anyone who could train her in survival skills. I haven’t yet seen the Sarah Connor Chronicles as I’m still not sure about seeing Linda Hamilton replaced, haha!

I have another blog coming up about things people say to kickass women and one of the things that drives me bonkers is when I mention this character in front of certain men, about half will pull faces over how muscular her body is. Of course she’s lean and muscular- she’s singlehandedly preparing for the apocalypse and looks like she’d win.

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, Linda Hamilton, 1991. ©TriStar Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, Linda Hamilton, 1991. ©TriStar Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

5) The Women of Harry Potter.
Especially Hermione Granger, Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall.

Most of my friends identified with Hermione or Luna Lovegood while Sirius Black was always ‘my’ character. All of these were incredibly underrated in terms of their skills- sometimes by other characters and sometimes by us. Everybody knew Hermione was brilliant but it seemed only Harry, Ron and Viktor Krum truly valued the person owning the brain. As for the scene in which she explained she had removed herself from her parents memories in order to protect them…. :'(
Molly was often shown as comic relief but she was the most badass matriarch for much of the series- uncredited and sometimes unnoticed. As for McGonagall who treated Harry as firmly equal to the other students and was unafraid of yelling at him, she was a warrior without being flashy about it.
I wish the films had made some mention of Ginny’s infamous bat bogey hexes though….

6) ‘Demon’ Devi (The Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss)
There aren’t many prominent and kickass women in here but though Devi is not a main character, she’s memorable. The trilogy (comprised of two books so far- argh!) is about a young man’s incredible life story, involving a war, a will-they-won’t-they love, a unique approach to magic, some awesome little details, in depth creations of cultures and customs, and it’s very funny.
Devi is a money lender and borderline criminal. She’s tiny, cute, highly educated, was expelled from university for practicing dark magic though we don’t yet know the specifics and has proven herself to be far stronger than the main character. So far, she hasn’t done anything truly evil but she has a hell of a reputation…
I can’t find a picture of her but if I was to cast the film, it would have to be Natalie Dormer. <3

7) Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)
Having fought to prove she was able to pilot a freaking massive robot, she’s on a revenge mission against a load of giant monsters that killed her family. I really hate these ‘tests’ like the Bechdel test (which Pacific Rim fails as Mako is one of only two notable women in the entire film and they do not speak to each other). However, Mako has her own storyline that doesn’t revolve around a man, is vulnerable but not weak, and does not end up in bed with the hero. And she’s back for the sequel this month! Yaaaaay!

8) Miss Justineau (The Girl With All the Gifts, by MR Carey)
It’s a zombie apocalypse type book and I really don’t want to spoil the ending, or reveal what is causing the disaster, but you must read it if you’re a fan of the genre. And if you want a hint about what’s going on, watch the “Planet Earth” documentaries… 😉

Miss Justineau is a teacher in a classroom for strange creepy children. She’s a psychology expert who fights for the rights of the children despite spending most of the book away from safety in a state of utter terror. Her weapon is her intellect and though I haven’t yet seen the film, it’s on my list! There was controversy over the fact that the character is very clearly described as black but played by Gemma Arterton, while the lead character is written as white but played by a black actress- but there’s an interesting review here. My choice of actress would have been Carmen Ejogo. <3

9) Asha/Yara Greyjoy (Game of Thrones, George R R Martin)
“The pimples went when the breasts came,” she explained while she tussled with a dog, “but I kept the vulture’s beak.”
Asha Greyjoy is a character in Game of Thrones- renamed to Yara for the series so as not to confuse her with a similarly named character. Despite custom dictating that women cannot rule her home, The Iron Islands, she was brought up to be the heir. She captures ships, leads men into battle, is witty and appalled at the idea of marrying and settling down to bear children. In the book “A Clash of Kings”, her brother Theon confronts her over a lie she told him about being a newlywed with a baby.

Asha leapt to her feet. “Rolfe, here,” she shouted down at one of the finger dancers, holding up a hand. He saw her, spun, and suddenly an axe came flying from his hand, the blade gleaming as it tumbled end over end through the torchlight. Theon had time for a choked gasp before Asha snatched the axe from the air and slammed it down into the table, splitting his trencher in two and splattering his mantle with drippings. “There’s my lord husband.” His sister reached down inside her gown and drew a dirk from between her breasts. “And here’s my sweet suckling babe.”
That bit might possibly be the inspiration behind a couple of tattoos I want… 😉

10) The Women of Fury Road.
You know it!! ?Metal prosthetic-armed warrior Furiosa takes five “damsels in distress” in hope of finding a better life. Except that these damsels are kickass in their own ways- including hanging out of an armoured vehicle while heavily pregnant to shield the driver, teaming up to take on a massive scary man five times stronger then them (Max) and planning their own escape in the first place from their comfortable lives as cherished breeding stock. On their journey, they meet the Vuvalini- a clan of badass grannies who, by the way, did their own stunts!!!

There are so many films and books that portray strong women as sexy weapons experts but Fury Road shows so many different kinds of strength. WITNESS!!!


I’m off exploring again today so expect street art and urbex in my next few posts. 😉

Faith x

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