Road to Ruin


I’ve been a bit quiet recently- you usually get a blog every week! Sorry about that- I’ve been filming stuff- and not just for my YouTube channel which I plan to relaunch later this year, but filming an actual film!
Road To Ruin is a short film by Bernard Galewski- I can’t actually tell you much except that I was one of the leads, demonstrated some interesting cooking, had a husband, and spent two days surrounded by awesome people and riding in seriously badass cars.

Photo by Flussende

While I can’t show you actual scenes from the film and some of our cars are still top secret, I can give you a sneak preview of what we got up to!

Our first day was just a few of us- actor, presenter and stunt driver Matt House played my husband and as neither of us have been married before we spent much of the time making up ridiculous pet names and playing practical jokes with the props. We do a pretty good ‘serious’ impression though. ;P
Practising our serious faces

We finished our scenes more quickly than we’d expected and as everyone was packing up we took some shots of each other around the set.

I did a bit of solo climbing and it turned out we had the same idea. I’m looking at Matt doing handstands on another part of the set but didn’t have my camera on me to take pictures.

In the run-up to our second day, we’d had a few car problems, leaving some of our drivers stuck in the workshop until the early hours and so on the day itself I was surrounded by many sleep-deprived people! My character didn’t appear in the first scenes so while waiting for my turn I had a ride around on the vehicles. 😀
This is the Skinrig and this is where Louise our Queen Bee character sits! It’s lots of fun to ride!


We didn’t have a conventional costume department- most of the things you’ll see people wearing are their own clothes and outfits they’ve worked on for months, and the cars are our own passion projects kindly lent. I’m going to be learning more about cars over the next year or so.

Check these out!
Alexander Spannermonkey

I used to want to be an actor but though I have been in a few music videos and been an extra, every time I work on a set I’m reminded just how challenging acting really is-I love it but it couldn’t be my living.
We were working in very cold conditions but had a nice heated decommissioned ambulance to warm up in, toilets, snacks, a relatively small crew compared to productions with insane amounts of extras and we filmed over just two days. I can’t imagine playing a character that has to be tearful, suicidal, angry or frustrated for months at a time. Even a happy film, reshooting the same scenes with the same energy level is exhausting.
Getting warm in the ambulance ;P

There’s so much waiting around and so much that could go wrong- as I said, we had car issues… well, though the mechanics got our main drift car in working order it needed some ‘special treatment’: it had to be recharged every time it did something cool! I did get to ride in it though.

After the main chase scenes were done, it was my scene and off we went to our set as the other extras headed home. Things seemed very quiet very quickly and we finished in beautiful bright afternoon sunlight. There’s not much more I can tell you, except that I can’t wait for the blooper reel and will of course show you the final result as soon as it’s ready and I’m allowed. 😉


p.s. This is Molly the postapocalyptic doggy. She was a happy cuddlebunch and snuggled against your knees if you started stroking her.

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