5 Kickass Valentines Gifts


I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I never have, and so I haven’t needed to think about Valentine’s Day gifts for a long time… but then I started writing this blog for all things badass and set myself a challenge: find some things that I’d actually love if I was somebody’s Valentine.

Let me know what you think! Do you do V-day? What would YOU like?

1) Hearts
I like anatomical hearts! My dream necklace would be an anatomical heart locket I can open up to find a tiny gun charm (or knuckle duster or grenade… or all three, teeny tiny!) There are so many online- have a look on Amazon and Etsy. These are some of my favourites:
£25.34 Charlene Sevier- etsy.

380 euros Bjorg

£16.99 Alternative Jewellery- etsy

£21.08 OpificioUrbano- etsy

2) Cuddly things
Great. A bear holding a heart. How about a Giant Microbe instead? If you have a similarly ridiculous and slightly wrong sense of humour, get them the whole ‘tainted love’ pack for added romance. 😀 I have a tiny white blood cell. It’s adorable.
£8.95 Zombie Virus

£8.95 E.coli

£18.95 The whole “Tainted Love” gift pack. (STIs)

3) Flowers

I do actually like flowers but prefer the unexpected ones. A dozen red roses? Nah. My first boyfriend once surprised me with a bouquet of flowers he’d picked throughout the day- a passion flower from his neighbours vine, a sprig of lavender, a daisy etc etc. It was mismatched, silly, spontaneous and one of the loveliest things somebody’s done for me- I highly recommend it!
For a thing you can keep, Art of Metal and Deshca Designs do the metal flowers below.
£95 Handcrafted rose- Art of Metal

Commission basis, handcrafted mirror frame- Art of Metal

£35.99 Three handmade copper tulips- Deshca Designs

4) Pretty pink accessories
Disclaimer: Don’t be a dumbass- check the weapons laws in your country or state.
That said…. look at the pretties! Knives and stun guns and tasers, oh my! <3 Personally, I’d want things in black, oil slick or burgundy but in keeping with the fuzzy pinkness of it all, just LOOK at this self defence kit.

$60 knife, baby knuckle duster, stun gun. WristletsnThings

If you can’t have self defence kits in your country, can you have these? I’m checking the rules in the UK right now. They’re blunt training knives so you can practise tricks like this! I think I need one in my life…

£34.95 Bokhammer- Amazon

£15.99 Feifanshop- Amazon

5) A massive great freaking sparkler
You could always take them out with ACTUAL sparklers- I’d love to go somewhere in the countryside and wave sparklers around like a complete idiot. Otherwise, these are gorgeous and made to order!
Johnny Blades/Blades Artistry makes these handcrafted pieces based on films, symbols and anything else you can think of! I couldn’t find anything bigger or more (potentially) sparkly than these.
What do you think? 😉

While I’ll be chilling in front of one of the many Netflix series I’ve been told I just HAVE to watch (*cough* Altered Carbon- even if the title sounds stupid), I DO like the week after Valentine’s when heart-shaped chocolate is half-price, and I like eating that chocolate while on an adventure… but that’s a hint for next week’s blog.

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