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Did you know I’m 30? I think I’ve shocked a few people recently, haha! I turned 30 this year and I’ve never been so glad that while I have plenty of goals and dreams, I have none that are on a time limit (get married before 33, have children etc). I see so many people freak out about their birthdays but there’s nothing wrong with getting older if you’re loving life and doing whatever makes you happy. I woke up going “another decade of adventures- yaaaaay!”


I’ve had a hell of a year- I’ve visited countries I never thought I’d see, been to events I never knew existed, made my cage fighting debut and proved to myself I can achieve more than I ever thought (even though the late nights are taking their toll and I’m writing this from a duvet nest surrounded by Lemsip and tissues.)
I started this blog for me- a way to have adventures and write about them (two things I love) but I’m  overwhelmed by the support I have had from you! I know a few of you but for the readers I don’t know, I’d really like to hear who you are. What has drawn you to my corner of the internet? What do you want to read more about? What are you interested in?

I have a New Years post coming soon and a video blog for my YouTube but this is a look at my past year… <3

What did you get up to?

I had a freezing but sunny New Years Day watching owls hunting in the daylight, then met some beautiful wolves later in the month!
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I spent the month feeling quite lonely, which is very out-of-character for me, and spent a good amount of time examining what the heck was wrong, before writing about it.


I spent a week exploring abandoned prisons in Romania! It’s during this sleepless fascinating time that I realised just how much I love doing what I do. There are so many stories out there that haven’t been told and I hope I never stop telling them. <3


I filmed my first proper YouTube video, “Things People Say to Budget Travellers…” I loved filming way more than I actually thought I would and will be posting lots more soon. There’s a new plan for 2018 so stay tuned and subscribe if you like.
I also went biking/adventuring with one of my best friends. I would love a bike of my own- who the heck knows what’s around the corner…?

I strengthened some of my friendships. As I’m on the road so much, I don’t get the chance to see as many of my friends as often as I would like. I’ve lived this way for so long that this has become the norm for me- luckily most of my friends also live strange lives and understand, haha!

I also visited an armoured car workshop and went to my first Beltane celebration in over two decades. As a pagan, this was a very good month!

I spent a few days living in a tent above an abandoned bunker with the Wasteland Warriors, at Junktown in the Czech Republic!! I also gave two talks about my life and adventures- I was terrified but managed not to make a total pilchard of myself. (I think… 😛 )It was unforgettable and I can’t wait to return.


I visited Edinburgh again- this time with a friend, took myself on a Harry Potter tour, and did some reconnaissance for future trips……. 😉 Scotland is SUCH an inspirational place- and I was born there.


My birthday! 🙂 I celebrated early, with the Wasteland Warriors- at Wacken where I also made my cage fighting debut! (I also had my first hangover. New experiences and all that…) 😛



I went wandering around London on a graffiti tour. I love getting the chance to see secret bits of my own city- places I never knew existed.

I then flew out to the US for a few weeks of adventures, which I needed. Things may not always have gone to plan but that’s what happens and life is wonderfully strange… 😉

I returned home, visited some more fascinating cyberpunk places in London and watched a good friend do a talk about death! As I’ve said, I am not always amazing at keeping in contact but I’ve been better this year than in past years and organisation/making time is definitely in my 2018 plan.
The story about the picture below is here:

I went to see Airbourne- one of my favourite bands and holy hell, they were AWESOME! <3 Again, it’s only recently that I actually discovered music properly. I feel another blog may need to be written about this, haha!

I then went to Berlin with a badass friend and as always, life got strange. I posted a very silly YouTube video about the Natural History Museum there, but we also danced with German Techno Monsters, failed to rescue a bad date, hung out with an enormous statue of Rob Halford and nearly died laughing on the tube.
Oh and by the way, the airport staff called the POLICE because of that teeny weeny brass knuckle around my neck.

And here I am again. So far, I’ve seen a talk about Charles Manson and been to a party for kickass independent women creatives. What’s next? Who the heck knows? ;P 


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