Hit the road again…


Guess what…… I’m giving a couple of talks at postapocalyptic festival Junktown in the Czech Republic on Saturday!!! I’m beyond excited and nervous as heck so wish me luck! If you’re going to be at Junktown, it’ll be in the afternoon.

I filmed a new video blog the other day, about how you know it’s time to take off! I hope you’ll watch and tell me what you think. Also, check out Forage Design, whose jewellery I am wearing. 😉

It’s been a busy few weeks- I ended last month in Ireland, began this month in Bristol, have explored Copenhagen (blog post coming soon), spent one day in Gothenburg, i’m writing this from Oslo and I’ll have ONE day at home before flying to my beloved Deutschland and on to the Czech Republic. Seven countries in four weeks.

Apologies for the long absence- see the above for why! 😉 Blogs coming soon include more Romania, secret places in London, a chat about Denmark, an introduction to a wonderful bunkmate, another video blog and many more adventures…

See you in a week… 😉

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faith roswell blogger with suitcase very long red hair bare feet walking away toward copenhell poster

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  1. rionka

    I’m so glad we had you at the Junktown. It was beautiful event full of surprises. I can’t wait to see you guys next year 🙂 Thank you once again.

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