Spring fashion for pastel-dodgers. (Replicant)


Spring is definitely here and April is supposed to be the month of showers. As I have a ‘thing’ about umbrellas (I only like them if they have bat ears on top or they’re the “Umbrella Corporation” logo), I’ve become very attached to my waterproof clothing, leathers and cyberpunk aesthetic… which I suspect may become fashionable again with the reboots of both the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell (love it or hate it- I haven’t seen it).

The cyberpunk look is a lot more polished than my usual attire but it does have a place on the “civil unrest to zombie apocalypse scale”- have you noticed that in almost any dystopian film ever, the villain or regretful ‘corporate bitch’ who started it all still looks impossibly polished?! For the uninitiated, the creative genre usually involves AI, robots, computer wizardry and evil megacorporations. Think “The Matrix” and “Blade Runner”. Cyberpunk visual style is about the sleek, shiny and dangerous in a broken down world. Clear lines, no raggedy bits. 😉

I met up with exceptionally creative photographer Simon Riley a few weeks ago and shot a few styles on my aforementioned ‘sliding scale’- so check out this one!

blogger faith roswell cyberpunk outfit red and black make up red lips fishnet top
blogger faith roswell wearing cyberpunk style leather jacket red gloves red eye make up resident evil umbrella corporation
blogger faith roswell wearing cyberpunk style red and black make up red fingerless gloves leather jacket

Here’s how to do it…

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: House of Leather, Camden Town
Mesh top: Charity shop
Umbrella Corporation gloves: Made by me
Lipstick: Sleek
Eyeshadow: Barry M and lipstick by Collection 2000

Here’s a closer look at the haul. (Haul? Can it be called a haul if you haven’t just accumulated it all at once? I’m new to this style blogging thing).
cyberpunk fashion style haul new rock boots resident evil fishnet leather dog tags

This is how to get some cyberpunk staples:
Jacket: You have to have a kickass tailored jacket- you can get away with certain kinds of biker ones but I like them long. 🙂 Ardita Fetish Fashion does the most kickass sci-fi inspired latex coat I’ve ever seen and am saving up for. Shiny leather is good but if you’re veggie, New Look comes highly recommended by fashion-forward vegetarians I know.
Top: I layer fishnet or hole-y tops over vests but if you have smaller boobs than me, you can get away with cut-outs and teeny harnesses without having a tit-cident! 😛 As always, vest tops from Primark or any discount store.
Trousers: Leggings! Either on their own (but do the transparent test BEFORE leaving the house) or under a tailored dress. I have and love this pair. These look rather good too. And these.
Shoes: The boots in the picture above are New Rock, but any ankle or knee-length boots also look good. Bonus points if they’re shiny with an interesting buckle. Demonia also do vegan leather options.

I like PVC when it’s used in the right way but many designers use it as a cheap alternative to latex and it looks awful! PVC will not hug your figure like latex and if you’re curvy like me, it takes a degree in anatomy to make it fit you perfectly, BUT... Artifice Clothing uses PVC as PVC and the structured shiny outfits rock.
Like this:
artifice clothing pvc cyberpunk fashion

Hair and make-up: I sometimes wish my hair was chin length so I could slick it back and look hot as hell but my hair is considerably longer… so it’s faux quiffs, braids and buns for me! However long, short, straight, curly or textured your hair is, the aim is that if your hair gets wet in the rain, your hairstyle isn’t ruined! 😉
Make-up wise, I’m adding red lipstick to everything- including my eyeshadow- but if you hate red, black’s cool too. I blend, blend, blend where the colours need to merge seamlessly, and then I’m going for strong lines, long sticky-outy bits near my nose and cheekbones, and loads of eyeliner! I’m really pale so black and red stands out but if your skin is dark, you could use white eyeliner- Barry M does a good liquid gel one.

Next look… Straight out of “Neverwhere”

Now, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym- check my instagram for progress- and things are going well! If you remember from previous posts, I’m aiming to build some muscle and generally look leaner and meaner. 😉 If you’re doing any projects and want some encouragement, let me know!

I’ve had some really lovely feedback about my first video blog and am now filming another… but of you have any requests whether it’s travel, adventure or kickass style, let me know in the comments and I’ll film something.

The other thing I’m doing is writing about Romania! I entered a travel writing competition with one of my tales so wasn’t allowed to write too much on here, but… as I didn’t win (and the winning stories are fantastic) then I can start telling you my stories in the next few days! Starting with this one…
blogger faith roswell lara croft videogame fashion huge boots standing opposite staircase in abandoned casino constanta romania

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