Spring Fashion for the florally unmotivated. (Adventurer)


I’ll tell you about this asap… 😉

I arrived back from a week in Romania to find Spring had arrived! It’s light, it’s warm(ish) and the “quack gang” at the marina have laid eggs in my neighbours now cordoned-off herb garden and in my pair of discarded trainers on the jetty (though I don’t think those eggs are viable sadly. I would have liked a duckling called Nike.)
We even survived the best efforts of Storm Doris (Doris?? Seriously, England?) My boat was swinging about like crazy for the first time in my memory- when there’s wind, she moves a little but this time I could hear my mooring ropes screaming and I was getting jolted around a little more than I was happy with! Residents of “Tornado Alley”- nothing to see here. Move along. 😛

Though I have the heart of a hippy and love seeing blossom and cute teeny birds with twigs in their beaks, you have to pay me if you want me to go out in pastels and floral print. My wolf coat is being retired for the season and now I’m all about thinner jackets, arm wraps and distressed gloves.
One thing I loved about modelling was being able to ‘try on’ different looks. Though my usual ‘uniform’ is vest tops, a million bits of armour, leggings and enormous steel toe boots, I’m playing around and experimenting a little more now that I’m no longer in a giant duvet ball hoping my nose doesn’t drop off with cold.

I’m planning a ‘style’ post every month but if you’d like to see more of my style along with tips and reviews, let me know and I’ll revisit the blog plan. 😉

My favourite look at the moment is aviator-inspired. Last month I went through my DVDs and rediscovered Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, then started reading about solo female travellers of bygone ages and wondered why I was suddenly so attached to my goggles and aviator jacket… 😛

This has been my “look of the day” for several days this month!
17350934_191110284720067_1046226856_n  17328033_191110281386734_561495791_n

This is what I’m wearing- vintage styling meets steampunk meets adventurer:

Jacket: Old, from New Look.
Tops: Both Primark. I’ll do a tutorial about my gathered-neck top soon
Harnesses: Belts from charity shops, and the big one on my arm was once a handbag.
Leggings: TK Maxx
Boots: New Rock
Goggles: A gift- plenty on Amazon!

A closer look:
As my hair’s ridiculously long, if I leave it down it looks too “girly” no matter what I do with it so I’ve been doing vintage styling to make it shorter. I also found that my short wig works too.


Clothing-wise, the aviator jacket trend is over (hooray for not being fashionable!) but you can still get nice ones from Amazon. If you like to sew, you can pick up a leather jacket and customise it with fleece if you can’t find one you like.
I distress the hell out of most of my tops- like I said, I’ll give you a tutorial later if you’re that way inclined. If not, any white, black, brown or grey vest top or short sleeve works. I buy sports leggings as they tend to be longer lasting and my leggings see a lot of wear and tear. For ‘steampunkier’ ones, look at these! <3

New Rock supply almost all of my boots but I also love Demonia. On the high street, River Island often do good knee-high flat soled boots like in Resident Evil 1 but it depends what’s trendy at the time.
My style’s all about the accessories- I wear loads of belts and harnesses,  charms like bullets, weapons and anything steampunky/mechanical. I just discovered Poppie Jasper in Camden Town market and as soon as I’m back in town, I’m going to treat myself to some bits.

Next look: From civil unrest to zombie apocalypse.

Faith x

P.S. I recently spent a lovely few hours taking fellow traveller and blogger Megan Marie around my city. I love London and am going to be spending more time there soon as I’m writing a series of blogs about everything from writing to spooky things to the scandalous. ;P

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