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Last year, the one-woman powerhouse at the Mookychicks magazine asked me to write a miniseries about life on a boat (which you can read by clicking the links)
Boat basics
Interior decor for a tiny home
And the final word!

I’ve had a lot of follow-up messages about boating life but if you follow my instagram, you’ll have noticed a lot of sand, a very grubby person that looks a bit like me and several cars with teeth- so I thought I’d bring you back to my place. Would you like a tour? 🙂
If there’s anything I haven’t covered in my boat-related articles (or anything in general you want to ask), I’ll film a Q+A. The reign of Lord Voldefone is over and my new phone shoots video- hoorah!

Front room. Straight ahead you will see a teeny tiny kitchen, pot plants in various stages of death and miscellaneous piles of stuff.

Turned around and plonked myself on the sofa. I’m probably thinking about how I should finish those doors off. ;P

There is always an occasion for Blue Steel. 😛
Here is my collection of random stuff. Presents from friends, things I pick up on my travels and bits of tree and bird that I bring inside 😛

20170207_150219_edited 20170207_152123
The problem with a narrowboat is it’s really bloody narrow!!! This is the corridor from the front room to my bedroom. All the cool kids use sieves as tools of measurement these days…

The view from my bed. The porthole behind me is a door which leads to my teeny weeny zen garden. 😀


I don’t get to see it much at the moment- it’s cold out there and at the moment, I wake up in an ice fortress- the windows are frosted over both outside and in, and when my fire starts throwing out heat, the ‘window ice’ melts to show me a flat frozen canal and occasional gatherings of confused and slightly miserable ducks trying to ice skate. Winter is not fun and I get chilblains if I don’t keep the temperature as constant as I can!! Nothing says ‘Victorian maid’ like chilblains. 😛

There you go. Boat. 😀 The front deck still needs to be made into a Mad Max style ‘sitting and chilling’ place but that’s this Spring’s project unless I’m across another ocean!

I’m booking travel into July now and getting way too excited about the possibility going back to Europe sooner rather than later. I’ve also booked myself a little getaway to stay in a friend’s lakeside house this weekend and I’m hoping for a good frosty morning that I can go and photograph. Speaking of my friends, I know a lot of interesting and creative people so am considering featuring one a month. I’m going to give it a trial so give me feedback please. Would you like to hear about kick ass plus-size fashion? An urban explorer who also happens to model? One of the world’s leading “adventure” photographers? A team of ‘wolf walkers’? Let me know. 😀

Faith x

Vest top: Primark (customised)
Make-up: Barry M and Make Up Revolution
All jewellery- gifts from friends or found on the floor. (Yep.)

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    Hey thanks for this . i am currently looking to buy a Dutch barge and looking at funky people with interesting boat ideas , so thank you !

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