Godric’s Sword


So long, 2016- most of us got out alive! 😛 Even so, my boat is doing its very own “Titanic in miniature” routine- the canal has frozen over. The good side is I get the wonderful sight of ducks and geese trying and failing to land properly and skidding twenty feet past my window- the bad side is that on windy days, my boat nudges the side of the ice sheet, sending a mini-tremor and medium-sized ‘boom’ through the length of her. We aren’t sinking (as I had thought during my first Winter aboard) but it’s about a six out of ten on the annoying scale.
I’ve been copying my lazy cat who has piled on the chunk this Christmas*- when I’m not in the gym, I’m spending a lot of time by the fire, with a duvet, watching True Blood (I don’t know if the third part of that is Mog’s choice but until he gets opposable thumbs, the film and TV decisions are mine.) 😛

Still, as lazy as I’m feeling right now, travel is nice and cheap the further away your travels are- so I’m booking things now. One of my two New Years Resolutions was to be more organised and though I am also a firm believer in the idea that if you want something to change then do it now, it is nice to have a lot of the world’s moral support (even if it does mean the gym is now full of January’s newborn fitness fanatics…) 😉
On the whole ‘organisational’ note, I really need to update my “In The Press” section- there are so many articles and guest blogs I haven’t shared and my other New Years Resolution is mentioned in one of them- I’m calling it Godric’s Sword as I’m a massive Potterhead. (Harry Potter fan to the Muggles.) If you want to read the article for now, click here.
Are you also a Potterhead? Would you be interested in reading a blog about doing a Harry Potter tour (budget and treat versions?) Let me know!

funny stories with Elijah wood and daniel radcliffe mistaken identity

So, the sword of Godric Gryffindor imbibes only that which makes it stronger. In the books, that included basilisk venom which later saved the day for Ron, Hermione and Neville (Harry never actually used the sword to destroy a you-know-what…) For me, this means only allowing things and people in my life if they make me stronger/better. No hate-reading articles by obnoxious columnists (though the news is fine- even if it’s depressing, it’s important to know what the world is up to), spending less time on people who don’t make time for me and more time making contacts/friendships with people who I admire and find inspiring. The same goes for food- while my diet is usually very healthy, if I’m at Fiveguys and desperately want a cherry milkshake, then I’ll have that milkshake. Eating or drinking a zillion-calorie treat is only bad for you when it’s all the time- having the occasional treat makes our little black hearts and souls happier, which makes both stronger!
Over Christmas, I made my mum join Pottermore- she got sorted into Hufflepuff (like me) and was given a dog Patronus (like me- she got a bloodhound, I got a mastiff). She was happy with that but I stand by my feeling that although my spiritual animal is the moose, my Patronus is definitely a bird of prey of some kind, and so when two of my best friends called out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go owl watching, I fell sideways out of bed and spent the second day of 2017 watching short-eared owls swooping about on a stunningly golden afternoon. It was freezing- so cold that my cheeks stung, I needed to pee constantly and my fingernails felt as though they were going to fall off, but LOOK at this. Definitely worth the pain.
Photos by the RSPB’s own Laura H.
short eared owl flying over wicken fen
wicken fen short eared owl flying toward the camera
short eared owl flying over wicken fen

And here I am looking at stuff. 🙂
Leggings by Amazon
Coat and shoes borrowed
Grey woolly thing: I’ll show you soon- it’s a replica of Katniss Everdeen’s grey woolly thing in Catching Fire.
faith roswell standing on some steps, blue sky in the background
faith roswell looking at the sunset through binoculars

How about you? Any New Years Resolutions you’ve made or broken spectacularly? 😀

Faith xx

* oh Mog, you pear-shaped cutesypuff snuggled up on me as I post this picture…… stop dribbling on my arm or I’ll make you into a hat.
chubby stripy cat curled up asleep

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