The Time of My Life


new rock boots walking along a beach

I have a very strong suspicion that there is a party somewhere I have not been invited to. Yes, this is my default mindset but I think this time it may actually be true! Oh Snape, oh Bowie, oh tattered shreds of England’s reputation… I hope you’re having fun without us mere mortals! 😛 Now, lets all form a protective circle around Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough…
I know many people are mourning the loss of many things this year (more than just the celebrities who have died) but strangely in spite of the political unrest and suspected beginning to WW3, I have had one of the best years of my life.

This year, I launched this website. I set my feet on the path to a scary career change. I was asked to visit two of my ‘bucket list’ locations to work on mini documentaries. I saw some of my best friends find answers to their questions, happiness, and love. I visited one of my own ‘bucket list’ places and met people who have changed my life. I’ve done things I never thought I’d get to do, and next year looks to continue in this way.
black and white photograph of faith roswell sitting on rocks in postapocalyptic mad max clothing
Being all introspective, photographed by Ceri Vale, holster bag by Jungle Tribe, boots by New Rock.

It’s so easy to remember the worst- the overshadowing factors and scary background noise that really should be in the foreground to this year. It’s even easier to be furious that people are more interested in nonentity celebrities than in the plight of people both in far away countries and on our own doorsteps. (Looking at you, Milton Keynes with your ten milion pound shopping centre make-over but shortage of homeless funds…)
There were good things that took place this year. Here are seven of them:

1) Scientists have worked out how to link prosthetic/robotic limbs with the part of the brain that deals with intent to move. This means people don’t have to think about how they will move the limb- it will just happen. How badass is that??!
mad max furiosa with her arms raised
Can I hear hallelujah??! 😛

2) Michael Jordan donated two million dollars to try and help bridge the connection between police and the black community. “We need to find solutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment AND that police officers — who put their lives on the line every day to protect us all — are respected and supported.”

3) Tiger, manatee AND panda numbers are slowly growing.
three manatees in the water
D’awwwww! Photo by Paul Nicklen for National Geographic

4) 70,000 Muslim clerics declared a fatwa against ISIS.

5) California is now powering over 6 million homes with solar power, a record in the US and Portugal ran its entire nation on renewable energy for four days straight!

6) The ozone layer is slowly, slowly beginning to repair itself
a diagram of the ozone layer

7) Over 800 Boko Haram hostages were rescued by the Nigerian Army.
And here’s a bonus point- I love that Buzzfeed does a ‘badass women’ piece each year that gives us more than “look at this instagram star saying animal cruelty is soooo WRONG”! 🙂 Here’s the 2016 list.
So, as I’m bidding farewell to 2016, here’s my soppy special thankyou to people who have changed my life. (Thankyou really though, you rock.)

Adam at Homeshredded for designing a website that even I can work sitting on my technophobic ass. (And for your friendship.)
The people of the Wasteland for welcoming me into the fold. We will meet again.
The Wasteland Warriors. Same as above- you took a chance on a weird English creature with claws and now you’re stuck with me. 😛
Doug and Tina. Because without you, the above two wouldn’t have happened.
My spread-all-over tribe; Bink, Holly, Kitten, Lotti, Emma, Ryan and Laura (and my mum. Obviously). For all the support and love, and for having my back. <3

My new years resolutions are simple: I want to keep sharing my travels here, and write a hell of a lot more. I also want to keep up the good work in the gym. The photos featured in this post were taken a few months ago on a gorgeous beach in Wales- my muscle definition has improved since then and I’m stronger. (Though I took Christmas off to eat my bodyweight in cheese…)

faith roswell in postapocalyptic mad max clothing against a blue sky faith roswell kneeling on a beach with a blue sky

Did anything good happen to you this year?
What’s on the cards for you next year? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?
And always, my favourite question…

Going my way? 😉
faith roswell wearing new rock boots sitting on rocks black and white photo

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