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faith roswell wearing bullets around her waist facing the sunset
Leggings by Cyberdog
Jacket customised by me and featuring in a future post.
Photo by Laughing Orc

I’m out of red candles and it’s the Solstice. (Pagan problems…) 😛

I’m at home as it seems I didn’t win the Newgrange raffle (again.) If you haven’t heard of it, that’s okay- a lot of people haven’t! It’s a Neolithic underground chamber in Ireland which is usually pitch black but illuminates when sunlight on the Winter Solstice passes through a narrow corridor into the chamber. The light shaft used to land on a carving but since the earth has tilted more on its axis, it’s a few inches off. Still, it makes you think about just how ancient it is- we still don’t know why it was built in the first place but it’s huge on the outside. Inside, the ceiling is made of overlapping boulders so it is held in place under its own weight. Back on the ground, there are standing stones between which are tiny chambers with large flat boulders- large enough to seat a person- at the entrance to each. Death or birth ceremony? Human sacrifice? Who knows… The standing stones are covered in carvings too- some from the makers, some from nosy Victorians who had no idea what they were desecrating when they scraped their initials into them.
Of course it would be an amazing thing to stand in there at the Solstice and wait in the dark for the inside chamber to illuminate… which is why you can put your name into a raffle for the chance. I go back almost every year when I visit Ireland but haven’t had the luck of the Irish (yet)!

the inside of newgrange neolithic temple in ireland
From the inside…

sunset behind newgrange neolithic temple
From the outside.

blue sky with clouds and newgrange neolithic site
“Actual-human-being” size reference…

If you want to go to Newgrange, it’s here and you can join a coach tour from most Irish cities, though Dublin and Belfast are closest.)

We often use the word ‘dark’ as synonymous with bad. (“They were dark times, Harry, dark times…”) But how many of us have embraced the dark by throwing ourselves into a snuggly warm bed with a hot water bottle, a cup of our favourite tea or coffee and enjoyed a lie in or early night this Winter? I definitely have. I like the late nights of summer- it feels as though you can do more in a day; but today, the darkest day of the year, has been magical. I spent it alone- decorating the silliest Christmas tree in the entire world, then received some beautiful, beautiful photographs from a close friend, laughed my head off at a couple of facebook posts (*cough* “knobby Santa”) and my “Christmas tree angel”, before seeing a flash of Mr Toots- my adorable little kingfisher! He’s quite a rare visitor to the marina so I don’t often see him but (just like entering Narnia), it always happens when I least expect it.
I then booked a very exciting trip- further East than I’ve ever been before. I’ll tell you where very soon. 😉

I’ve nearly finished my present wrapping though I’ve been notoriously awful with cards this year! Tomorrow’s the day- even if they arrive in 2017. 😛 Still, would you like to see my tree?? Nobody guessed my tree angel- I’m surprised… though someone guessed Opie (Sons of Anarchy). Too soooon- I’m not over this yet!

daryl dixon from the walking dead as a christmas tree angel daryl dixon on a motorbike the walking dead
Oh, Norman Reedus (Daryl in The Walking Dead), you’re so beautiful and I’m so sorry… (but it was too funny not to).

christmas tree decorated with daryl dixon on top as the fairy home made postapocalyptic christmas decorations
Tinsel is banned on my boat- I made my own string stuff to throw around the tree… and yes, those are Hufflepuff star decorations. See? I told you I have the silliest Christmas tree ever! And it’s my FIRST proper tree, too. <3

What does your tree look like? Do you celebrate the Solstice? I’ve seen hilarious and wonderful Wastelanded trees in some of the forums I belong to.

Today’s post is the 10th on my blog! I’m excited to see how many of you are reading already- is there anything you want me to talk about? I mostly blog about travel, life and post-apoc/badass style (I have a post about style coming soon as I’ve had a couple of requests). 😉

Let me know, and see you as the sun starts to rise again.

Blessed Be,

Faith x

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