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I meant to post this blog considerably earlier but life got in the way! If you’re like me and getting your last bits of Christmas shopping in, or freaking out over the adorable oddball in your gift list that you don’t know what to buy for, here’s an inspiration list for people who have road warriors, kick-ass non-girly women or alternative types in their lives. (Nothing here is Christmas specific- they’re good gifts at any time of the year!)

1) A leather/leatherette jacket (watch out- s/he may trash it!) If your friend’s into the postapocalyptic genre, especially involving zombies or Mad Max, said jacket is likely to be customised, aged or added to. A dirt-cheap, slightly beaten-up one from a charity shop or reasonably-priced stockist may be better than a perfect, expensive new one unless they’ve specifically requested it.
faith roswell in a distressed leather jacket looking iover the side of a london bridge
This was about three leather jackets before I got my hands on them…
Photo by Arrow Photography London

2) Film or game art books. Geek emporium Forbidden Planet has a fantastic art book section and most (unsigned) are around £20. If your friend likes films or games, these make a ‘proper’ present that won’t break the bank- even if the film/show/game has more style than substance. I’m looking at you, Sucker Punch! Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, Alien, Bioshock and Fury Road are also good bets.
pages from a book about the art of the film pacific rim
Do not image search “Pacific Rim art book” in Costa.

3) A box of junk. Really! I asked Wastelanders what they wanted for Christmas and this idea kept coming up. Getting loads of metal, plastic, D-rings, scraps of leather, bones, rivets and old stuff like keys or Barbie dolls in one go is hard, so having a ‘goody box’ even if it looks like junk to the average eye can be treasure to us. 😀
a pile of metal and postapocalyptic accessories
“My preciousss…”

4) Wasteland Warriors clothing. Official clothes from The Wasteland Warriors! Support your ‘warriors of the world’ by wearing our tops, badges and awesome designs. At the moment, many items are on sale. You can also order custom pieces- just send a message to
blonde woman wearing a top from the wasteland warriors clothing brand
Photo by 8bitmusic
Model- Katrin

5) A notebook or diary. I swear by the BrightSide diaries and buy one every year without fail, but there are some other great quality and reasonably priced ones for literary or creative types.
– Just look at this grenade one (and check the seller’s other items*- I’ve gone all unnecessary…)
– For animal lovers, cute people and those with spirit animals, these have beautiful animals with messages of strength
This is totally and completely waterproof
This one could possibly intimidate most people who try to sit next to you on public transport. For that antisocial friend. 😉
When I’ve been really short of money, I’ve bought a cheap notebook and filled the pages with memories, funny stories, doodles and “open when…” envelopes (e.g. “open when you’re feeling stressed” contained lyrics to a happy song and a herbal tea bag for calmness.)
a diary decorated with nunchuks on the front
* like THIS!

6) War Paint. Stuff that stays! I hate finding my make-up is sliding into my eyeballs when I’m trying to have an adventure. Skin products are usually a personal thing that need trying out first (unless you know the exact number and brand) but colours for eyes and lips are fun to try out. I recommend Barry M for intense colours- as long as you fix it in place (I use hairspray to fix my eye make-up!), Make-Up Academy for colours that stay put and Lush for things that smell beautiful. If your friend is a packaging junkie, Urban Decay has great presentation and the colours have kickass names. I’ll do a proper review another time. 🙂
faith roswell smiling at the camera wearing red and black make-up
Modelling Barry M. Back of camera photo by Kitty Wood 😉

7) Badass classes. I pretty much live as a real-life videogame character so shooting (nothing alive), survivalist training, martial arts and weapons fascinate me. (And I pick up skills for when the Walkers take over…) See if there’s anything nearby that offers taster sessions, vouchers or short courses in something. Laws may be different in different countries though, especially where guns are involved.
red haired woman holding a buzzard red haired woman smiling and holding a barn owl
Falconry course a few years ago. Hello, feathery ones! <3 

8) Leggings. I have very big muscular thighs and it’s taken me a long time to accept them and their strength (and/or potential capacity to choke an attacker unconscious) but… now we’ve started a good relationship, hooray for leggings! They look all superhero-ey on their own, or under something else. Here’s a list of the good stuff, from pricey to pennies:
Cyberdog: Futuristic everything. Price range- £40-£50. Yes, things are costly and the sizes are weird but that’s what sales and fitting rooms are for. I do recommend though, if you see something so perfect your friend can’t be without it a second longer, get it. It’s how I own the last ever pair of red Subsonic leggings…
Mitmunk: Oh, so gorgeous and armour-plated. Price range- about £47 (79 Canadian dollars) but good quality as far as I hear from reputable sources.
– Poprageous: A wide range of themed leggings and more, from cute to kickass. Price range- about £45-55 ($58-68) I LOVE their comic book armour range.
Amazon: Huge range and considering the price (around £5-£10), very good quality. Just do a search for leggings and you’ll be spoiled for choice. 😉
– ASOS: I hate this “one size fits all” thing. It really, really doesn’t! However, ASOS come in a range of sizes including tall, petite and plus size, and are recommended by my friend plus size blogger KittyRamblesALot
leggings with armour pattern cyberdog leggings with cyborg pattern
*whimpers* Poprageous on the left, Cyberdog on the right

9) The Big Ones. If it’s a special occasion, obviously I’m going to recommend tickets to Wacken or Wasteland Weekend! 😉 Clothing-wise; New Rock, Ritual, Junker, Jungle Tribe etc etc etc will set you back a few hundred pounds but it’ll last forever if you take care of it. (I’ve been told that New Rock offers a fixing service- can anyone confirm?)
You could take them on a big adventure- a roadtrip somewhere amazing (like Iceland, the US wilderness, the Isle of Skye, The Outback- wherever you like!)
a signpost pointing into the wilderness

10) A mini adventure. You don’t even have to leave the country but with flights often being ridiculously cheap, it can work out costing less to fly somewhere than drive.
You can fly for £9.99 each way with Ryanair if you choose your destination and departure time wisely, and is the best site (in my opinion) for booking hostels (some hotels are listed too if you want a room to yourself. Otherwise, and are pretty good). I just had a REALLY quick look and you can fly to/stay in Venice for £60 each.
If you have less money and more time, coaches are ridiculously cheap if you book in advance. You can get from London to Scotland for £5 each way.
As mini an adventure as it gets, but still fun!

Hope some of this inspires you! I’d love to know what’s on your wishlists this year and what you have planned for next year.

Faith x

p.s. Now that is it over halfway through December and my holiday is about to begin, I’m decorating my boat so will post pictures as soon as possible. A sticker to the person who can guess what my Christmas tree angel-or-fairy is……. 😉 Hint: It isn’t Max.

p.p.s. I cannot describe just how much I detest 50s crooning Christmas songs. The kind with drawn-out weeping violins, tinkly winkly twee bells, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra or whoever the hell it is overpronouncing nearly every consonant in CHriSSTmaSS and the annoying chorus crew that come in for the last few minutes. I spent half an hour in Hotel Chocolat sensory hell recently- enjoying the thickest mocha ever, reading one of my favourite series (Night Watch, by Sergei Lukyanenko) and chilling after a nightmare day… only to have my ears assaulted by a Christmas playlist that encompassed all I hate. Well done, Hotel Chocolat- now put Jona Lewie on before I explode. 😛

cute cartoon of harley quinn and poison ivy exchanging christmas gifts

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